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Shoppes of Xenzuu
This community is for us to share THINGS we have for sale. This page is being set up for those of us who are crafters (actual items for sale), or that have merchandise for sale online. *This page is N...
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TeriRoss hat einen Beitrag geteilt
05. Mai um 15:32
Andrew Wilson
04. April um 13:46
Gun Metal Black Stone Tooth Pendant - Limited Edition $100.00
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TeriRoss hat einen Beitrag geteilt
17. April um 00:45
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05. April um 05:17
This is one of my best selling designs. The most popular item with this design is PAJAMAS... But I love the coffe mug. This same design is available on a lot of different items. I can't believe I uplaoded this to CafePress back in 2006. My, how time flies.
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04. April um 03:30
I made a sale at CafePress... people will buy the darndest things. This is one of my disk golf designs, available on over 100 different products from coffee mugs to bedsheets and everything in between...
1 x You throw like a girl. Greeting Card (,58898813...
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03. April um 19:10
I have two books published. This one is being sold on Amazon for $54, which is ridiculous. You can order paperback copy for less than $12 thru my publisher. You can also get it for tablet or e-reader for $5. However, it is a workbook, and unless you want to print out pages, I would advise getting the actual book that you can write in.
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Jed 🃏 (HalfPintSpirit) Top right Mia Under the group Photo!
04. April um 01:46
Cloud Explorer Nice group, but be careful with the naming of such. Using the Xenzuu name can become a issue as they will certainly be launching their market place in the near future. Just a heads up.
04. April um 22:49
TeriRoss True, Mike... that is a very good point.
05. April um 05:19
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