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sirobosi frawstakwa
22. März um 00:44
Sparks Of Energy

We were meant to bring
A Spark Of Energy
Already charged I feel it
In my heart the steady beat

Even when you think
There’s hardly anything
Out there apart from what is seen
It’s smart to let it be

And do your own thing
It starts when we believe
And then embark upon a theme
We’re artists you and me

We were meant to bring
A Spark Of Energy
Already charged I feel it
In my
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a spark of energy... by frawstakwa
yo Mike, I?ve got another one for you right here, ha ha... good looking out on the inspiration...
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sirobosi frawstakwa
22. März um 00:43
I’m Back Guys (Get Ready)...

It’s not like I ever really left
Been around this whole time working on what is next
But hey guys I’m back
And so you better get ready to
Lay down some tracks
B-Boy Rocksteady

Chicago, Illinois born and raised big city
Hear it in my voice anywhere in the fifty
States or abroad frawstakwa gravelly gritty
So grounded the sound with remarks that are witty

Currently in NYC in fact it’s been
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i?m back guys (get ready)... by frawstakwa
when you left this comment (track title) I knew that #THEWAYITIS was about to get into something... shout out to #THESPEAKERBREAKER...
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