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Tom Vol
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28. April um 05:52
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VlastaUheli Looking for a safe job? Be part of my team.
06. Mai um 18:33
cosmopolitain MC Nice to have you here!
10. Mai um 19:33
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05. Januar um 15:07
23. April um 04:55
This Is So True!
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VlastaUheli Looking for a safe job? Be part of my team.
06. Mai um 18:33
23. März um 04:36
Goodnight Everyone! Sweet Dreams From Michigan. 🌛😴
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cosmopolitain MC I like!
29. März um 22:00
22. März um 14:57
I have made a post on using Google Images to find Copyright free images. In a world filled with original content creation there will always be some copyright content that makes it through but together we can slow it down by sharing websites that offer CC0 images that others can use. Here is a list of my 10 best in no paticular order:

1. Unsplash
2. Pixabay
3. Pexels
4. Splitshire
... Mehr anzeigen
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cosmopolitain MC Like and shared
31. März um 16:31
20. März um 15:55
Share this to someone who needs it the most!

Copyright @JoshuaMcDonaldCo
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dor nic Congratulations for the beautiful posts! I invite you to my page!
21. März um 18:56
Paul Connor So so true
21. März um 18:59
cosmopolitain MC Great!!!
21. März um 20:30
cosmopolitain MC like and shared
24. März um 09:09
Lunalu2929 Nice post
25. März um 01:26
Michelle Michelle Renee Kidwell This is perfect taking it to my wall
27. März um 22:33
20. März um 15:15
In a world where everyone seems to follow one another, be the one who walks the opposite way in life and lead your own way. Be different!
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20. März um 04:33
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cosmopolitain MC Cool!
20. März um 20:08
dor nic Congratulations for the beautiful posts! I invite you to my page!
21. März um 18:56
Teodora56 Wonderful !
23. März um 22:17
20. März um 04:18
My Beautiful Girlfriend And I ❤
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David You guys are looking good brother.
20. März um 04:37
dor nic Congratulations for the beautiful posts! I invite you to my page!
21. März um 18:57
Maria Melissova You are both beautiful and wish you all the best!
23. März um 07:27
Teodora56 A nice couple !
23. März um 22:18
cosmopolitain MC Like and shared
09. Juni um 15:59
19. März um 16:45
While browsing I have came across a few Copyright Images. To those not familiar with how content creation works, you must post copyright free images in order to earn from them. What is considered copyright free?

Copyright free is specified as CC0 Images. There can be found online from multiple sources or can be your own photos which YOU have taken yourself, not off of Google Images. Most people turn to Google to find quick pictures to use but fail to realize all images
... Mehr anzeigen
How To Use Google To Find Copyright Free Images!
How To Use Google To Find Copyright Free Images uses the Advanced Search feature on the Google search engine to allow users to find specific copyright free i...
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Ella I like.
19. März um 18:55
19. März um 15:49
Remember to support one another, always!

The true key to success in online platforms is support from those around you. Keep this in mind when adding new friends and gaining follows here on Xenzuu. Visit there pages from time to time and support the content you like and they will do the same.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!
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Ella I like.
19. März um 18:56
Ilona Kovácsné Pánczél Nagyon szép!
20. März um 16:29
19. März um 15:43
Hello Xenzuu Users,

To those of my old friends from tsu I invite you all to check out a new community I have created directly for old tsu users. Those who were on the platform with me in its short run but successful times. A lot of friends were created on that platform and while I personally have kept a lot of those friendships there are many that I have forgotten. This group is for everyone who wants to reconnect with old friends where it all started with the concept
... Mehr anzeigen
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Ella Thank you! I invite you to my page ... )
19. März um 18:56
Tatyana Okuneva I in tsu also worked and not a single dollar received. The platform collapsed so quickly. What was offensive. Very disappointing, for the time spent.
23. März um 07:45
JoshuaMcDonaldCo Sorry to hear that on your end. I personally had an amazing on tsu and made a little over $1,000 USD on the platform. I had a huge network however and was a top user on there. Gotta build to earn big.
23. März um 12:56
19. März um 15:20
I'm Back. Where are all of the tsu users at who I use to be connected with? Send me a friend request and learn how to build on here with me as I journey each day in doing so.
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Ella I like.
19. März um 18:57
The FooteNetwork you know I had to show up at some point!
27. März um 04:36

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