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ORIS hat sein Profilbild geändert
06. März um 15:23
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ORIS hat ein Bild hochgeladen
06. März um 15:20
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23. Februar um 12:46
It’s Friday, and we’re so happy that we’re almost ready to scream in excitement. After all, the weekend is ahead, and we probably don’t have to work. For the average person, this means we’re counting down the minutes until we’re free from adult responsibilities and can unwind a little.

I hope that your day is blessed with happiness and joy. Happy Friday to all my dear Friends herein Xenzuu!
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Ella Have a nice day, thank you.
23. Februar um 14:01
Bisera Atanasova Hello
06. März um 15:23
16. Februar um 18:13
Crazy Facts About Germany As My Friend Told Me.

1.Prostitution is legal
2. College is free for everyone, even non-Germans
3. The government pays for sex for the disabled
4. It’s bad luck to wish someone “Happy Birthday” in advance.

Germany has a reputation for being a straight-laced, by-the-books country.
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Ella It is wonderful!!!
23. Februar um 14:01
Bisera Atanasova Like it
23. Februar um 23:27
12. Januar um 17:35
Hip-hop has always taken inspiration from Dancehall -- thanks to New York'ssizeable Jamaican population -- and collaborations between the twocommunities have been increasing. But it took Dancehall newcomer Sean Paulto finally close the gap. After a series of collaborations with such artistsas Jay-Z and DMX, Paul's long-awaited sophomore album Dutty Rockburned up clubs all over the world with its stellar combination of grit, glitz and girl-talk. Culturally mongrel, Paul is something... Mehr anzeigen
Gefällt 2
Ella It is wonderful!!!
23. Februar um 14:02

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