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Karl Maria Kinsky
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Geburtstag:23. Februar 1979
Stadt:Porto Cristo
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Karl Maria Kinsky
Gestern um 08:38
Historic marble busts!

Two Italian marble busts, probably at the beginning of the 19th century. In my opinion the busts show the heads of the 21st Roman Emperor "Septimius Severus" and his son, the 22nd Roman Emperor "Marcus Aurelius Severus Antoninus Augustus Caracalla". The reason for my assumption is the similarity of the faces which, after comparison with other busts of the two emperors, fit perfectly to each other, but do not represent one and
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Karl Maria Kinsky
31. Juli 2018 um 09:54
Judith Sturm
Acrylic Oil on Canvas, size: 110cm x110cmx5cm
Title: Butterflies, 2017
Price: 7920,- Eur
pn for info and transport
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Karl Maria Kinsky
01. Februar 2018 um 08:43
Roman Emperor Bust approxx 1700
Red and Yellow Marble, showing the 21 Roman Emperor. I have two Busts for Sale, showing father and sone 21 and 22nd emperor of Rome. Pm for Price
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Jessicajoyce Nice
Gestern um 08:38
Karl Maria Kinsky
11. Januar 2018 um 11:39
Holy cross of the sovreign order of malta. This cross was worn by the 79th Grand Prior of the Order, Ramón Despug y Martinez de Marcilla, who wore it between 1736 and 1741. It is spicked with diamonds. We keep it in one of our private collections and it is up for sale for Euro 3.500.000,-. If you are interested in this unique piece you can send me a message.
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Jessicajoyce nice
Gestern um 08:39
Karl Maria Kinsky hat sein Profilbild geändert
10. Januar 2018 um 12:08
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Karl Maria Kinsky
10. Januar 2018 um 11:07
Artist: Christa Friedl (Austria)
Title: roped up
Year: 2016
Size: 100x50 cm
Technique: Oil on Canvas
Price: € 2.800,-
Follow this Link to purchase this painting now:
Further Information on this artist:
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