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19. Oktober um 01:49
2018 is great momentum to the rising of Blockchain Industry.
One of great project already launched in this year.
This project named XENTIMENTUM.
Want know more about Xentimentum????
homepage :
Telegram :
Twitter :
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11. Oktober um 02:15
uPlexa Airdrop
Free 450 UPX + (Task=247 UPX) and (referral up to=1,120 UPX)
it's mean only join you will receipt 450 UPX and if you finish all task you will receipt 697 UPX without referrals.
How to join:
1. register here (Create Wallet):
(Remember to save your SEED key and public key)
2. Click next and join discord to get your discord ID
(chat with bot, type: !u.getid on airdrop channel)
- Confirm email ( use will see 450
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Signup • uPlexa Airdrop
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09. Oktober um 00:06
Join GrooCoin event only until 20 Oct and max 20k participant
Easy task (just join tele and share your link)
Groocoin Bot
Groocoin Official Bot
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Nemanja Zarkovic New good site,earn by view ads join now
09. Oktober um 00:06
02. August um 09:10
#Soundeon #Tokensale
1. register at tokensale
2. verify email
3. set your eth wallet to receive your token
4. provide shared link post from social media
5. submit your form here

Join Token Sale here
Join Soundeon Unique Referral Campaign!
You don’t need to contribute, just share the link in your social media account (FB, Twitter, Reddit, Steemit, Telegram).
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David Stephens Hello! I work on trust management with a professional trader who has the highest rate for closed deals, if you are interested in daily income of 5% to 15% or higher, where you do not need to beat the amount and from the first day already be in the net profit, join the chat Link to conversation for review: Link to my group
12. September um 02:53
20. April um 00:58
Just share ... hoped more useful for airdrop hunter...
new airdrop from "Anything App" just register, join telegram group and submit details (earn anycoin worth $1,33)... you may increse your token/coin by do some simple task like follow,share,like,or comment their modia social accounts) or for creative people you may earn big money by making a video,or create an article. All you will find at "BIG money" task.
Join here for airdrop hunter....
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dor nic ok.
20. April um 09:24
29. März um 20:50
Don't Missed this Airdrop...
Total 5 MLN Tokens will be distributed to the community in Airdrop Round 2.

In order to be eligible for the Airdrop, the participant should do the following:

1) You must like the facebook page and share our post (100 Tokens)
2) Join our Telegram Announcement Channel & Chat Group (60 Tokens)
3) Follow our Twitter community & retweet our pinned post (60 Tokens)
4) Share with your friends and earn +100 more Tokens
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Esenth Network
Network,IP,Intellectual Property,Aritificial Intelligence,Data,Data computing
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02. Februar um 22:30
Mining Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge... no investment... free 1 Mhs.. join...
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Ichal hat sein Profilbild geändert
20. Januar um 21:22
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Ella Good day, thank you!
20. April um 08:58
Ella Thank you! I invite you to my page ... )
20. April um 08:59

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