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Geburtstag:26. April 1983
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Lieblingssendungen:  Walking Dead
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Christian Bella
02. Februar um 20:43
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Christian Bella
02. Februar um 20:14
Einige Leute haben mir geschrieben, dass sie nicht 500-1000 USD gleichzeitig sammeln können, um ein gutes Geschäft zu beginnen! Nun, kostenlos oder klein 9, es ist sehr schwer, ein gutes, aber zuverlässiges Geschäft zu finden!

Aber hier ist einer, ich denke der Beste! Natürlich musst du ein kleineres Startkapital von mindestens 50 € investieren!
Weil wir über die Einführung des Unternehmens in den USA hinaus sind und es seit einiger Zeit nutzen, teile ich ein Unternehmen
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Christian Bella
07. Januar um 19:25
We are now beta testing our new referral tracking system. Refer a visitor to our site for a 10 Action bonus, Refer a newly registered user to our site for a 1,000 Action bonus (referral rates will be significantly reduced after the March 1/2018 token distribution event). In addition to more accurate tracking and reporting, the system automatically generates share to links for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Action Coin – ACTN
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Christian Bella
04. Januar um 22:44
Hy Guys!!


New option, sign up for the link below, give you $ 10 for free, and if you go to the office either face up, google or another account, you can rename the server button and then the first one.
You have to do it every 24 hours, from $ 100 to any net wallet.
The fastest way to rent modern server for any platform, browser, or device
Welcome to the faster, smarter, more powerful way to rent or lease mining rigs. Whether you're new and want to try mining out before you buy equipment or you're a veteran looking for more hash at a coin...
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Christian Bella
04. Januar um 09:34
A free click-start program is available for which you are now registered to receive $ 100 for free.
Task: You can initially place 1-2-3-4-5 $ by clicking on the trading tab, then clicking on the name of the company, click on the actival tab, enter the amount, and if the line item is overwritten.
Click on a Binary tab and the same task, but just look at the up arrow arrow, because it only yields a yield.
EuroUS - the financial affiliate program
Earn by operation with PAMM-scores and binary options
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Christian Bella
31. Dezember um 17:58
New Crypto Currency !!

If you sign up, you will receive 100 coin gifts with a current price of $ 46.
Your value is steadily rising, of course you can buy coins or pay for ETH or other crypto currency.
Create Account - VitroCoin
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Christian Bella
31. Dezember um 10:42

It's a great and free start.
Mining site, you do not have to invest, you get the following things:

Level Amount Gh/s in a day Available Gh/s %
0 0 - 10 0.5% 50%
1 11 - 50 1% 100%
2 51 - 100 1.1% 110%
3 101 - 300 1.2% 120%
4 301 - 600 1.3% 130%
5 601 - 1200 1.4% 140%
6 1201 - 3000 1.5% 150%
7 3001 - 6000 1.6% 160%
8 6001 - 20000 1.7% 170%
9 20000 - 10000000 2% 200%

Daily one-off bonus, whatever
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Christian Bella
29. Dezember um 10:10
Join a very serious company.

Bitconnect, where you can invest in BTC and BCC.
With $ 100 minimum investment, you can get a 0.5-1.5% return on a daily basis if you invest more in a bigger yield and you still have more bonus days.
If you connect people with them, you also get bonuses.

Come and join the link below:
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Christian Bella
29. Dezember um 10:07
Free ether mining
30 cents per second every 4 seconds
25% Reff commission
Only the Ethereum Wallet
Click on the RUN Terminal, leave your machine open and produce your sathos.
If you click on save to send the balance to the satosh, you can see it after updating.
Minimum payout of 0.05

Ethereum Mining | Earn Ethereum For Free
Ethereum miner, with the free Ethereum production platform you can easily make Ethereum mining.Free Ethereum miner earning Ethereum.
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Christian Bella hat sein Profilbild geändert
22. Dezember um 09:59
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Christian Bella hat ein Bild hochgeladen
22. Dezember um 09:58
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