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Johnson Williams
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Geburtstag:27. August 1965
Stadt:New York
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Über mich:  I love the outdoors, movies, writing, and DIY projects. I enjoy relaxing in

casual clothing, in a casual atmosphere, with my closest friends and partner, simply appreciating the company only a group

of treasured friends and a cherished partner can share and appreciate. I enjoy spending private, affectionate,

spontaneous,time with my companion, my teammate, my consummate friend .I believe true love is next to impossible to find,

because; perfect love cannot sustain in an imperfect world. Since none of us can change the world, we must work as

teammates. We should never stop looking for love because it's the greatest treasure hunt in which we could ever take part.

I believe that in order to persevere in a romantic relationship, both participants must be optimists, prodigious

communicators, adroit negotiators, with unlimited placidity, unequaled patience, and a heart capable of incomparable

forgiveness. Without possessing all of these characteristics, then the first sentence of this paragraph will forever

remain unattainable. I have been blessed with a wonderful life, with the single exception; I have never found a partner

with whom I can share my life, and who wants to share their lives, a best friend. My favorite movie is the "Wizard of Oz"

which tells a lot about me. Let's chat and begin our treasure hunt together. I am only a partial member, so msg. me at

jpguidash at gee male. I am anxious to meet new people.
Interessen:  I am looking for an honest, fun-loving, woman who is not afraid to take risks, has a great sense of humor, who enjoys

outdoor activities, such as; the beach, boating ( I live less than a mile from the Chesapeake Bay), clubs, intimate

musical venues, bonfires, sharing D.I.Y. projects. I am a published author, who loves to write, and a State Trooper, a job

I would do for free. I have never grown up, and I like women who have not grown-up either; I am not fond of grown-ups or

old-fashioned people. I make an excellent living, and I am looking for someone with whom I can share that, and who will

love my 11-year-old daughter as much as she loves me. Look at my description, and do not hesitate to contact me. I've been

in love one time in my life, and I am searching for that elusive treasure one more time in my lifetime. If we fall in love

together, I will treat you like a princess should be treated! I lost my first and only love because I was young and

stupid; if I am lucky enough to find love again, it will be forever. Pure love cannot sustain in an imperfect world;

unless, partners believe in unicorns, fairy tales, the Wizard of Oz, and I believe in all three. I believe people can

leave their baggage at the door, no matter how difficult that is to do, and trust completely that your partner will never

repeat anything found in your bags, but instead, will love you enough to NEVER hurt you with anything, especially anything

found in your baggage. Every day has the potential to be.
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