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Joy Joy
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Geburtstag:15. September
Beziehungsstatus:  Single
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Über mich:  an ordinary girl
Tätigkeit:  I love painting
Interessen:  Art =s enthusiast
Lieblingsmusik:  Kpop
Lieblingsfilme:  too many to mention
Lieblingssendungen:  Running Man and Knowing Brothers
Lieblingsbücher:  Noli Me Tangere
Lieblingsspiele:  Mobile Legends ( MoBa Games)
Communities:  Xenzuu (en.)
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Joy Joy
16. August um 15:17
Please, if you haven’t done it yet, stop everything you’re doing right now and watch the “Tomorrow, Today” MV. Its aesthetics are just over-the-top beautiful. And, let me tell you, all these very Instagram-worthy settings do an amazing job in accentuating the boys’ visuals and of course the meaning of the song. All in all, it’s just right.
JJ Project "Tomorrow, Today(내일, 오늘)" M/V
JJ Project "Tomorrow, Today(내일, 오늘)" M/V Find JJ Project "Verse 2" on Spotify: iTunes & Apple Music: Google Music...
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Joy Joy
16. August um 15:14
DAY6 - They are most likely to steal your hearts when you least expect it; they’ve got that much charm, class, and are obviously quite handsome.

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Joy Joy
16. August um 02:16
Hi, Goodmorning!
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Joy Joy
16. August um 02:16
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16. August um 02:11
Xenzuu (en.)
15. August um 19:47
As asked ... new languages arabic and french ... Feel free to help us using "Backoffice/Help to translate", or tell your friends to register at Xenzuu and help us ...
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Joy Joy
13. August um 11:46
My advice to anybody, including myself, is................
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Gail Delacerna tama
13. August um 17:31
Joy Joy hat einen Beitrag geteilt
13. August um 11:44
13. August um 06:14
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Joy Joy hat ihr Profilbild geändert
12. August um 12:26
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