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Nathan Services Inc
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Andjelko Adamovic
Ljupco Siljanovski
The Earth's Beauty
Funt Vadim
Freddy Proft
Dao Cao
Geburtstag:29. Oktober 1969
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Über mich:  I am a very strong Christian with very strongly held Christian beliefs. I expect other to hear my fixated points of view if I am required to listen to theirs. I believe in the Spirit of Prophecy through the LORD JESUS CHRIST only and am convinced that now other Religions has a true Actuated Spirit of Prophecy where things and events are foretold before they occur and are actually written far in advance.
Tätigkeit:  Church Services
Community Volunteer-ship
Christian Activities
Bible Studies
Interessen:  Christianity Philosophy
Lieblingsmusik:  Christian Praise and Worship
Some Jazz
Historic songs
Lieblingsfilme:  The Passion of Christ
Lieblingssendungen:  Documentaries Christian
Lieblingsbücher:  Classic
Christian Historic
Lieblingsspiele:  Chess
Communities:  Xenzuu (en.), Chrstian discussions
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Nathan Services Inc
11. September um 02:45
NathanColor Abstract Art Designs rare African American Artwork..go to
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Nathan Services Inc
11. September um 02:43
The Nathan Color Project created by Nathan Services on canvas for sale
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Nathan Services Inc
29. August um 02:01
Buy here canvas size 70X80 NathanColor Abstract art designs 512-692-9459 please also join my network ....
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Nathan Services Inc
07. August um 22:11
See the Nathan-Color Project in full bloom; African American Abstract Artwork for high-end buyers....
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Nathan Services Inc
16. Juli um 23:31
Take a look at the NathanColor Project created by an African American Artist
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Nathan Services Inc
04. Juli um 19:54
NathanColor the Abstract Artwork and Photo-Collage series is presented by Nathan Services Inc
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Nathan Services Inc This is a sample of my Abstract Artwork that is for sale over the internet for investors and buyers, contact nathan
13. Juli um 03:48
Nathan Services Inc hat sein Profilbild geändert
18. Juni um 23:11
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Nemanja Zarkovic Awesome gpt make easy extra cash,doing ptc,pts and offers join me
19. Juni um 01:05
Nathan Services Inc
18. Juni um 23:07
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Nathan Services Inc Join the Nathan Services Inc Network here
18. Juni um 23:08
Nathan Services Inc hat ein Bild hochgeladen
18. Juni um 23:02
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