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15. September um 17:15
Free 1 ETH!!!🔥🔥🔥 + 100-3000 CODY already listed
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25. August um 17:01
Earn Tons of Points (+50 to 5000 points) and earn a percentage of up to 15,000,000 CORES
10,000 CORES = (0.1 ETH)
Innercore - Bounty (15,000,000 CORES)
15,000,000 CORES are up for grabs. Join the bounty and claim your share!
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David Stephens Xin chào các bạn thân mến! Nếu bạn đang mệt mỏi vì liên tục làm việc trong các dự án khác nhau và mất tiền của bạn bằng cách cho đi không biết ai! Hãy nói với điểm dừng này! Sau khi tất cả, có những cách đáng tin cậy hơn để kiếm tiền, làm việc với một nhà kinh doanh chuyên nghiệp, nơi bạn có được tài chính và lợi nhuận của bạn ngay lập tức sau khi đóng rất nhiều là tuyệt vời! Để tham gia vào các hồ bơi, bạn thậm chí có thể mỗi ngày số tiền tối thiểu để tham gia từ 100 đô la với lợi nhuận từ 8% trở lên là một hướng tuyệt vời cho thu nhập ổn định và đáng tin cậy! Liên kết đến cuộc trò chuyện để xem xét: liên kết đến nhóm của tôi
31. August um 12:10
20. August um 09:54
Join us! #airdropsmart #bounty #airdrop #freecoin
Get $50 in #ASMT tokens to claim!
Airdropsmart Airdrop
Get 50$ in 5000 ASMT tokens!
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AbelDay Join the pool! Bidding on stock exchanges goes every working day, with a profit of 5 to 15%! You earn a profit on your account the next day! Join the chat, we'll fill up the next pool faster!
24. August um 16:03
12. August um 17:18
Free $150 bonus, plus $25 per referral.

To receive $150 in Spheroid tokens, please complete 3 simple steps:
1. Share the post on Twitter
2. Share the post on Facebook
3. Join our Telegram group and send your bonus code there
NOTE: You will see the affiliate links after you have completed all 3 steps.
Spheroid Spaces
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11. August um 20:31

1) Visit the Bitdepositary website.
2) Choose “Open Sale” if you want to join the airdrop or other options if you want to invest.
3) Sign up and verify your email address. Choose a password.
4) Submit details in airdrop form.
Login Template Title
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11. August um 06:08
LOCAL TOKEN EXC. - 70 LTE ($17.5)

1) Visit the Local Token Exchange airdrop page.
2) Submit your details, log in and complete some easy social tasks ( to earn free LTE tokens.
Get an extra 20 LTE if you complete all the 10 tasks and an extra 5 LTE for referring one friend.You will also get a chance to win more LTE tokens through their mega competition. 1 LTE = 0.25$ in ICO
Local Token Exchange Airdrop Campaign
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31. Juli um 07:55
*AirDrop* - The price of the token on the ICO is 0.70$.
Follow the bot and earn 100 HRBE.
Harambee AirDrop Bot
You can contact @HrbeAirDropBot right away.
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29. Juli um 20:53
Air Drop Gapro
Each user until August 15 will receive 1000 air drop tokens ($500) that can be redeemed after the ICO.

To qualify you must do the following:
Register in site down!

Join our official telegram:

Follow Us On Twitter:

Subscribe for email updates:

LIKE our facebook page:

... Mehr anzeigen
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28. Juli um 16:57
Token Bounty Contest. 15,000,000 CORES are up for grabs from @Innercore_. Join me and win your share! #crypto #token #bounty #ico
Innercore - Bounty (15,000,000 CORES)
15,000,000 CORES are up for grabs. Join the bounty and claim your share!
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27. Juli um 18:33
NEW Very good airdrop
Claim 20000 QBASE tokens for first 1000 people
Register, follow twiter and join telegram groups
Pre-sale start on August 4th and ends August 15th
On Pre-sale 1 ETH = 100,000 QBASE
Airdrop Registration
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23. Juli um 15:39
EUSD Stable Cryptocurrency (EUSD) .Airdropping 500 Millions EUSD Tokens to the community members. 10000 EUSD Tokens to each community members and 500 EUSD Tokens per referral
EUSD Stable Cryptocurrency 1EUSD=1 USD

👍Referrer Telegram: @petyaparvanova
EUSD Stable Cryptocurrency 1EUSD=1 USD
Fiat currencies on the Ethereum blockchain:- eUSD is electronic form of US dollar The eusd platform is built on top of open Ethereum blockchain technologies, leveraging the security and transparency that they provide. eUSD...
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23. Juli um 14:44
[IOST: 400X ETH & 10X EOS] #IOST, backed by Sequoia Cap China & 30+ institutions investors, is already 400X faster than Ethereum and 10X more decentralized than EOS. Join the #IOST Community Hub & claim up to 100,000+ IOST
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22. Juli um 12:57
Ad optimization system invested by big VC, limited time airdrop 20,000,000 AOT, 268AOT for refering 168AOT for signup

1. Open link:

2. Add ETH Addr

3. Join Telegram

4. Paste code in Telegram
AOT Airdrop
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22. Juli um 12:45
Take the initial 700 DTE Tokens (Worth 84$) by joining Telegram Facebook Twitter and go forward
Price 0.12$ Per Token🔥
Per Refer 100 Tokens
🌐 Web

-Enter Email
-Verify Email
-Enter ETH Address
-Complete Task
🌐 Bot
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21. Juli um 22:05
Date me give every member 500 tokens,just register and confirm email. Easy!
DATEME :: - Landing page
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20. Juli um 20:48
GastroAdvisor Airdrop

35 (FORK) 6 $ + REF 7 FORK
-join Bot
-folow they chanel
-folow twiter
-submit your details(Email, ETH adress, twiter name)
Gastro Advisor Airdrop
You can contact @GastroAdvisorBot right away.
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19. Juli um 15:10
Cyclean Airdrop

Follow in social media chanels and
earn 40 CCL
Earn 20 CCL per referral
Join the clean cycle and contribute to the ecosystem
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19. Juli um 10:03
Plant a FREE tree with Averdia! Australian organic skincare reinvented. чрез @averdia_green
Averdia - Plant a Tree FOR FREE!
Support Zero-Plastic, Organic, Australian Skincare. Purchase with purpose.
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18. Juli um 18:27
🔥🔥 Airdrop EOPT 🔥🔥

♦️ GET 1000 EOPT Tokens for Free!!!

♦️ EOPT is the token of EasyOption, which is the first global cryptocurrencies options trading platform.

♦️The team has won top VC's investment.
?? ??
The first cryptocurrency options trading platform in the world.
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17. Juli um 23:46
PATRON Airdrop
Join with your telegram bot and get 100 PTA Coin

Refer your friends to get extra 50 PTA for each.
You can contact @Patronairdrop_bot right away.
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17. Juli um 22:02
1. Signup on Contractium
2. Check for verification email.
3. Login into your Dashboard and You can see 80 tokens .
4. Put VIP CODE - AIRDROP : CONTRACTIUM.IO in Bounty Section to get 100 tokens more .
5. Submit your ETH address .
6. Share your unique link from Dashboard to get 50 more tokens per referral
7. Go to Bounty section to EARN more tokens Daily for simple social media task.
Contractium ? The internet users? smart contract application.
Contractium is a decentralized software that based on Ethereum smart contract, which helps users create smart contract easily via desktop- / mobile- / web- app. Contractium?s vision: Eliminating print contract.
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17. Juli um 18:41
PAL x DDEX Airdrop

Get 5 PAL by joining DDEX's Telegram!
Get 5 more PAL for each friend you invite to join!
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16. Juli um 22:23
Register here: and confirm email.
After that MENU--> Account settings--> and copy your REFCODE.
Join telegram group and paste REFCODE.
This is all.
Create account | CoinLayers Exchange
CoinLayers Exchange & ICO, the top performing crypto currency trading platform
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16. Juli um 19:46
$30 after registration,only 6 hours left!!!!
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16. Juli um 16:49
Join Ubex bounty program!

Ubex Bounty
Join the Ubex bounty and earn up to 1000 UBEX for completing simple tasks and 250 UBEX more for referrals.
Ubex Bounty
Join the Ubex bounty and earn up to 1000 UBEX for completing simple tasks and 250 UBEX more for referrals
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16. Juli um 14:27
NextPakk Airdrop

NextPakk is airdropping 200 Pakka tokens to their community members. Visit their website and register, complete all the easy tasks and submit your details to the airdrop form to receive 200 Pakka tokens. Also earn 25 Pakka tokens for each referral.
Referral code ECYW79
NextPakk - A Last-Mile Logistics Company Build on Blockchain
NEXTPAKK IS TO LAST-MILE LOGISTICS WHAT AIRBNB IS TO THE HOTEL INDUSTRY. We've taken blockchain and the sharing economy, each disruptive in their own right, and combined them to create a platform for scheduled delivery in...
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15. Juli um 15:44
Radium Airdrop Bot.

Radium offers a faster, more secure and cost RAD (effective investing experience).
Our Company provide the best standerd and quality materials for our investors
Poloniex and Bittrex Soon, Airdrop Token distribution will start in September 30th

Each member will receive 100 (RAD)
Radium Bot
You can contact @Radiumairdrop_bot right away.
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15. Juli um 11:35
🔥WILL Testament Airdrop🔥 1WILL = 2$
First-come, first-served basis Limited to 100M WILL
Our airdrop is live until Sep 30.
Grab some free WILL token. 🎁
🚀Fill the form get 20-120WILL tokens for completing simple task
1. Provide a valid email address & ERC Wallet (+2 WILL)
2. Share about WILL project on Twitter (+4 WILL)*
3. Share about WILL project on Facebook (+4 WILL)*
... Mehr anzeigen
Will Testament - Airdrop
A coming Revolution in estate administration ! Using the full potential of Blockchain Technology by storing and securing the most sensitive document for your legacy from fraud or tempering. Be part of our project and vote...
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15. Juli um 00:31
Chat With Bot and get 300 MUSE ( $210 ) for Joining Telegram and following Twitter.
Also Earn 10 MUSE ( $7 ) for each referral.
You can contact @museairdropbot right away.
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14. Juli um 20:49
🦋 360$ Airdrop🦋 Legit Airdrop
Frist register & share to earn points , 2nd Click Airdrop to submit form.

1. Click Here»
Airdrop is available for joining our pre-ICO mailing list. Get 500 CYFR for signing up, redeemable when you join the Cyphrcoin ICO.

2. Join both Telegram channels.

3. Follow Twitter.
class=std_blue id=clickable_more_text_3>... Mehr anzeigen
CyphrCoin ICO (Initial Coin Offering) - Get 50,000 FREE CyphrCoin!
Your chance to get into crypto currencies. An honest ICO where you?ll find NO unrealistic tech promises or baffling whitepapers, NO roadmaps, NO jargon and definitely NO promises of future blockchain domination. Find...
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14. Juli um 15:53
Free 150 XRT Tokens 💥 + Free 0.0001 LTC Tokens 🔥
Steps To Earn:::
1. Register And Verify Email
2. Click My Account And Tweet To Get A Code For Airdrop
3. Refresh Page And Check Email For Code
4. Put That Code To telegram
Create account | SatoExchange Trading
SatoExchange, Trade BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, USDT and other alt coins. The crypto currency exchange that is committed to becoming the best for the best traders. Join Sato Exchange
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13. Juli um 17:06
ZINC Airdrop

Chat with this Telegram bot.
Join their Telegram group.
Click on “I joined” from the bot.
Chat with this second Telegram bot to claim your tokens.
Follow them on Twitter.
Follow them on Facebook.
Submit your details to the bot.
You will receive 100 ZINC tokens.
Also earn 100 ZINC tokens for each referral up to 100 referrals.
Join and earn 100 Zinc for each friend you invite ?
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13. Juli um 14:14
IDOL COIN Telegram Airdrop

We are Airdrop Free 50,000 IDOL Coin over the next few days

Claim airdrop here:

Estimated Value: ~$15 + $6 per ref
IDOL Airdrop Bot
You can contact @IDOLCoinBot right away.
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12. Juli um 20:32
Join the future of security tokens platform! Use my referral link to signup for #Airdrop & get 50 free #MOBU Tokens -
The MOBU Token Airdrop
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12. Juli um 18:24
Bitflux Airdrop
$50 +$10 ref

Follow in social media chanels
earn 5000 FLX
Earn 1000 FLX per referral
BitFlux Airdrop
You can contact @Bitflux_airbot right away.
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12. Juli um 10:08
Free 10000 FET Tokens Airdrop
Worth exp 20$ to 50$
INFO: Token name: fetish coin (FET)
Base: ERC223
Contract address: 0xefcec6d87e3ce625c90865a49f2b7482963d73fe
Decimals: 6
Volume: 100,000,000,000
fetish coin project
fetish coin?????????????????????????????&?????????????
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11. Juli um 18:49
Medipedia is airdropping up to 400 MEP tokens to their community members for join their telegram group and submit your details to the bot to receive 400 MEP tokens. Also earn 100 MEP tokens for each referral up to 10 referrals..
You can contact @MedipediaReferral_BountyBot right away.
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11. Juli um 11:08
New airdrop Ubex
Get 500 UBEX tokens+100 UBEX from referal
1 Ubex = 0.00001 ETH
Register here:
Ubex Token Sale - Register
Take part in the Ubex Token Sale and join us
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VlastaUheli Take back your life. Our program shows you how!
11. Juli um 15:30
10. Juli um 13:08
Each member who register will get 200,000 Tokens and 50,000 for each referral. We will Send You Coins on July 20, 2018.
Note: This is the Last round of Give Away As 1st & 2nd Round Already ended and Coin has been distributed.
Get your free COU here
Dear Users, We Are Giving Away 31 Million COU Tokens. Invite your friends to join this Give Away. Each member who register will get 2,00,000 Tokens and 50,000 for each referral. We will Send You Coins on July 20, 2018. Note:...
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Petyaparvanova hat ihr Profilbild geändert
04. Juli um 16:32
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Nemanja Zarkovic Earn just click on ads join me
04. Juli um 23:06
16. Juni um 04:42
$10 for nothing,easy right?...Details here:
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