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Silviya Georgieva
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Geburtstag:15. September 1956
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Gulyás Éva
Berg Artur
Vivek S P
Francisco Varela Aris
Agris Lavrov
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Silviya Georgieva
12. Juni um 07:26
Anyone who does not want to be a successful person is visible to him from afar.
Self enclosed in his shell, crushed and humiliated by the system.
A man without self-confidence, self-confidence that has taken him slowly, little by little with each passing year all the worse.
Why only 5% are anointed and the other 95% fail.
Who do you want to be?
Those who are constantly earning or those who lose every time.
Join my team and win with me.
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Ivanka I like!
12. Juni um 10:15
Monika Angel Heart like
17. Juni um 23:44
Silviya Georgieva
08. Juni um 22:03
Петра, Йордания
Gefällt 3
Monika Angel Heart 
09. Juni um 17:10
Ivanka I like!
10. Juni um 10:49
Silviya Georgieva
08. Juni um 22:02
Великата китайска стена, Северен Китай
Gefällt 3
Ivanka Красиво е!
10. Juni um 10:50
Silviya Georgieva hat ihr Profilbild geändert
07. Juni um 18:20
Gefällt 4
Ivanka Super!
07. Juni um 18:47

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